Very clean facility, professional, and friendly staff!!!!!

Becky Carr Lewis

So glad this place and Dr. PETERSON and his staff ...was able to reconstruct my right ear back...and thank you to all the workers for your kindness.

Gerry Evans

Reconstructive Services

Dear Dr. Benson, I am writing to tell you how much I value the care I have received from Ms. Zarema Carrier. I have been Ms. Carrier's patient for several years. My daughters are also her patients. Ms. Carrier always treats me and my daughters with the greatest respect and kindness. She is knowledgeable, empathetic, and skillful. Ms. Carrier has outstanding ``therapeutic use of self.`` She always greets us with a smile and remembers what my daughters are studying in school, where we went on vacation, and what I am teaching. She listens to our concerns and then responds with most current evidence-based interventions. She also works to find us the best costs on our medications. I recently visited Ms. Carrier for a checkup where she identified and removed a mole on my leg. Several days later, Ms. Carrier called me to let me know the mole was a melanoma. She carefully and calmly educated me about the process and next steps. She spent a lot of time (after her work hours) answering my questions and reassuring me. When I returned to have the melanoma removed, Ms. Carrier came into the surgery center to check on me. Again, she took extra time to come see her patient, who she knew was scared and needed comfort. Her kind words were very meaningful to me. I am a faculty member in ETSU's Interprofessional Education Program. In this program I work to educate future medical professionals (medicine, nursing, pharmacy, OT/PT/SLP, nutrition, audiology, and social work) in ways to effectively communicate with and care for their patients. Ms. Carrier demonstrates all the qualities I want my students to use when they enter their chosen profession. You are very lucky to have Ms. Carrier as a member of your team, and I feel very lucky to have her as a member of MY team.