About Us

At Tri-Cities Skin & Cancer, patients receive the very finest in skin care provided in a caring atmosphere.

Our Practice

Located in Johnson City and Greeneville, Tri-Cities Skin & Cancer is a State-of-the-art Dermatology center that consists of a full Surgical facility, and a Cosmetic Laser Center. At Tri-Cities Skin & Cancer, patients receive the very finest in skin care provided in a caring atmosphere.


Our board certified physicians, and Fellowship trained MOHS Surgeon, all have extensive teaching backgrounds and are continually investigating the most current procedures and treatments. The Doctors’ areas of expertise are general Dermatology, Mohs Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, Skin Rejuvenation, and Cosmetic Laser Procedures.


To develop an organization characterized by professionalism, expertise and integrity, which will serve as a center of excellence for skin care in the area.


To receive every patient with “Respect & Concern” and treat them with expertise and the highest level of technology. To provide a caring atmosphere for our patients. To provide fairness in cost to the patient.

General Philosophy

The philosophy of TCSC is one that stresses quality medical care to patients provided in modern, technologically advanced offices utilizing highly skilled personnel.  It is one that emphasizes research and development in patient care methods, innovative delivery techniques, and excellence of care.  It is this philosophy that brings strong competitive value to the community.

The cornerstone of any medical practice is patients.  It is the very purpose on which our existence is based.  Patients expect to be treated in a friendly manner.  They require understanding of their needs and prompt, efficient treatment of their condition.  Our business exists to meet the needs of our patients — to contribute to their welfare with the excellence of our products and services.

Business decisions have significant impact on our community’s welfare.  The public has every right to expect its corporate neighbors will act as responsible citizens.  We will work hard to meet those expectations by maintaining an awareness and support of our community’s needs.  We will give financial support when we are able and encourage active participation of our employees as volunteers.  Although TCSC is a business enterprise serving people, we have many obligations to our community.  We intend to accept that responsibility.