Janine Mangini, MD

Photo of Janine Mangini

Dr. Janine Mangini joined Tri-Cities Skin & Cancer in 2020 and has been practicing dermatopathology since 2002.

Dr. Mangini is board certified in Anatomic Pathology and Dermatopathology.  She completed medical school at the University of Nevada, Reno, a pathology residency at Allegheny Health Network/Drexel University affiliate in Pittsburgh, PA, her hometown, and an intense, two-year fellowship in Dermatopathology at Boston University.  She has published several research papers and case reports in peer reviewed medical journals.

Dr. Mangini’s scope of practice is focused on the microscopic diagnosis of benign and malignant neoplasms of the skin and inflammatory skin conditions, consulting directly with dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons.

Dr. Mangini was previously practicing in Florida and was happy to escape the heat.  She enjoys the people and terrain of Johnson City and the surrounding area, and in her free time, enjoys photography, music, hiking and biking.

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